Monday Jun 10, 2024

Chicago’s One Chicago Towers Secures $415M Refi, Massachusetts Launches Geothermal Pilot

JDL Development and Wanxiang America Real Estate secure a $415 million refinancing for One Chicago towers. Massachusetts launches its first networked geothermal system pilot project. This episode explores the latest developments in commercial real estate, from major refinancing deals to innovative renewable energy initiatives. Stay informed about the changing landscape of the industry and the potential impact on investors, developers, and the environment.


(00:00:00) Introduction
(00:00:41) JDL, Wanxiang Score $415M Refi for One Chicago Towers
(00:05:03) NLR Retail Property Tops $3.7M Mark (Real Deals)
(00:05:31) Massachusetts’ First Networked Geothermal System Pilot Launches - Commercial Real Estate Insight & News
(00:07:43) NLR Retail Property Tops $3.7M Mark (Real Deals)

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